Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You can hear and still be DEAF

So, I am writing to tell you about two things that have touched me recently. One a documentary on Cochlear implants and two families in a battle over what was best for their child... to have the surgery or not. And second when trying to Google the families on the film, I found Jessica. A young lady who is fighting for her life with such passion it leaves me speechless.

Sounds of Fury is the name of the movie. I just found they have a follow up to the families six years later. This I have to see. In different ways I can have compassion for both sides of the debate BUT as a mother I will and will continue to choose what is BEST for my children at all cost. One family has the "we want our children to be just like us" and NOT BETTER??? What is this? Who doesn't raise their child to be better than they were? Should we not strive to have them learn from our mistakes and head wisdom that was not taught to us? Along the same lines we try to provide our children with all the tools they need to become a adult that can make it in this bizarre world. Contribute something. Make a difference. I would take a loan out if it was not something I could provide that was 100% going to benefit and enrich this process. I am not talking about a car or the latest designer jeans I am talking about HEARING. Something we all take for granted and depended on.

Second, I don't know much about Jessica. She may never read this or know I am alive, but I know she does. The little I have read and watched are beyond inspiring. They touch your heart because she has JOY. A joy we sometimes lack from day to day. Please spend a moment and look at her website.

**The film is on instant watch on NETFLIX. Watch it tell me what you think.

~My JOY today - taking the kids out in the new trailer/stroller. London and Liberty enjoyed it... MAMA did too!