Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pain with a Purpose ... can you say OUCH!!?

There are big changes coming to our house. The biggest of which is Marcus changing jobs from East Hill Foursquare to Abundant Life (Sandy Campus). He has accepted the position as the new worship pastor. I am excited for the part of his calling to be called to the forefront! His gifting is remarkable and I would even say the way this process worked out his job was divinely timed for a fall transition. 

With this change comes a domino effect like no other. East Hill Church has been our home since we were dating (12 years ago). Our involvement has steadily grown to the point were driving to church 5 times a week was not even a chore but a given. Marcus will be stepping out of Men's Breakfast which has taken a remarkable 180 in the last 7 months, worship for Classic Service once a month and Life Group on Thursday night. I am no longer able to lead MOPS, a group I have attended for 5 years and led 3. Frankly, I feel like doors are slamming in our face. It is so hard to take relationship out of being told no, it is hard to feel like things will be different with your best friends and it is so painful to think God could be orchestrating something better on the other side when it hurts this bad. 

A wonderful gal Heather explained it is similar to transition in childbirth. Boy do I agree since all mine were all natural! This is beyond pain I could explain and yet I know in the back of my head it is for a purpose.

Lord please deliver me. Please, take these baby steps as I bawl as a way of seeing I am trying to trust You. Please, allow me to still be used, make a difference for you, stay united as a team with my husband and selfishly may I keep my best friends and make new friends at ALC. May I shed the last year that has been so difficult in leadership and know it was preparation for your plan. Also, please heal wounds that I have created, others have created and please allow there to be a forgiveness I desire so see. You Lord are the giver and the taker. May I be obedient to the taking so the giving is that much sweeter. AMEN!

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