Friday, October 16, 2009

Caramel Therapy

So, 22 years ago, I was at a huge family reunion, had caramel corn and proceeded to miss the rest of that day and well the rest of the reunion due to being sick very sick. So since then I have HATED the smell of this tasty treat. I have been offered it and turned it down more than I have fingers. So, about two years ago I walked past a sweet shop that also had warm corn. I decided to try it because it actually smelled good. It was okay and I didn't eat as much as I thought I might.

Well then today Alexis sounded the alarm and put up the delicious dare. Make Caramel Corn and blog about it. So here is my take on it. It was cheap to buy the items, unlike you all, I had to buy 3 things at the store. I followed the recipe to a T. I did use the air popper to make the popcorn so that it would be big full kernals perfect to be caramelized.

The mixing process was very easy. It made more than I thought but I had enough corn in the wing to not waste any part. Every time I went to stir (every 15 minutes, for an hour) I thought it would start hardening. It didn't, so I talked with my neighbor and she explained it will once it cools. To make it and eat it fresh, is probably the best way to go, nothing like eating it slightly warm. I transferred it into a metal roasting pan to cool ( I think it rapidly cooled this way)

And out of a little work and little money, came the most DIVINE caramel corn I have ever tasted. Our neighbors came over for game night and it was a hit! There is not much left, lol. That is always a great sign. Thanks Alexis for the therapy session.


  1. Looks great! I am so glad it turned out beautifully, Mine is baking as I type. I'm looking forward to eating it while it cools :)

  2. i have to agree that this stuff tastes AMAZING! glad that it is also therapeutic. :o)