Monday, November 16, 2009

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”

Due to the decision to breastfeed both children, I am not able to leave for huge amounts of time. You may wonder why I don't pump, because I am still nursing BOTH babies. Supply and demand are the same amount. Tandem nursing is great and difficult, rewarding and frustrating all in the same day. Liberty has only been left a handful of times and we did the same with London till he was about a year. So after I texted Marcus for some alone time he followed through with 6 hrs of freedom!!!

I went to Ceramic Cafe in Clackamas. Prior to babies, it was one of my favorite places to chill and create. When I arrived today the lady saw I brought a piece and asked "oh, are you going to finish that?" I giggled and said "I hope, I started it 2 yrs ago". She looked shocked and then I explained
that I have 2 babies now and neither had enjoyed a meal on this baby plate I had started when London was in the womb. And to top the cake I have 2 gift certificates from 2 Christmases. She said she was glad I was getting time away and have fun.Finishing the plate was emotional. I wrote on the back and almost teared up.

After I handed ov
er my art to be glazed, I thought I would start another project. Eyeing up all the blank pieces makes it almost impossible to choose. Finally I went with a bowl that I could use for a fruit salad or rolls you name it. Thanks to Marcus and his generous time allowance I was able to start and FINISH. Something never done by me (not even a cup has taken less than 2 trips). *I will post the Glazed projects Sunday* I am so excited to see how they turn out. Ceramics are not a science, you have to be okay with them turning out differnt than you plan on. Kinda like LIFE!

Bottom line is I need to spend the rest of my gift money and I think more mommy time is in order!


  1. how fun! i LOVE painting ceramics too, but i haven't done it in a LONG time. let me know if you want some company next time!

    {your pieces look awesome!}

  2. That birdy mug is so cute!
    I want to make a mug that says "I live for naptime" :) LOL