Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Take Care"

Funny how people say "Take Care" and I think moms see to it that everyone else is taken care of but themselves. We neglect our needs of personal time, our appearance, diet, exercise and need for other mom contact. Why is it SOOOO HARD?! There isn't enough time, most of the time m$ney is involved, we try to be super mom .... yes yes the list goes on. Some things almost don't come to our minds anymore... kids are fed, front room is tidy for daddy to walk in (OOPS you forgot you makeup and a nice coat of OPI) don't know the last time I even thought about it. Unless you count the drive to church were I am driving and using the eye lash curler. DANGEROUS.

I recently made a hair appointment with a gal from
church and can not wait to chop the hair. Tandem nursing doesn't give you a lot of growth vitamins for your hair so it has been 10 months since I had a cut.
Normally my hair grows pretty fast and cute cuts need trimming quick. This will be refreshing to a tired mama who hopes it will turn out like the Toni and Guy haircut I had. *see the pic =)

Concluding this entry is my hopes for 2010. So raise a cold cup of coffee moms (we all wish it was a tall glass filled with bubbly), or a sippy cup anything close ... TO 2010 MAY WE THINK OF OURSELVES AS MANY TIMES AS WE CHANGE DIAPERS...
I hope to:
*paint my nails once a month
*make another hair appt. in 3 months
*grab make up bag out of car and put in our bath - use good 3 times a week
*use new exercise equipment 2 times a week
*make dental appt. (oh GAG)
*start a book that doesn't have to do with Dr Sears
and lastly.... and most important *begin to journal a wee lil bit after reading Bible! AMEN

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  1. How did I miss that you are blogging now!?!
    I'm following you now.... cue creepy stalker music.
    :) tee hee.
    This is a great post, and a good reminder!
    Love ya Sav.
    I raise my cold cup of coffee to you!!
    Here's to us getting together at Stanfords again for Happy Hour!!!